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cDeck is a system which keeps you connected with your company and its people. It facilitates communication and project management, reminds you of meetings or birthdays.

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cDeck is an intelligent tool for work management and organisation.
Its external display, which you can easily connect anytime to your computer via a USB cable, helps you stay on top of the current projects and company affairs, plan video conferences, be in touch with your colleagues, and assign tasks.

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Way of Working


Simple, intuitive and just a few clicks away, cDeck offers every user a basic set of functions which facilitate everyday communication in a team.










Front page

It is the basis of cDeck, providing a list of all tasks and requirements for the day alongside the statuses of your colleagues.

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Front page

Benefits XD

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Efficient and Active People

Organised work is the basis of efficiency. cDeck helps you and your staff to automate processes, stay informed, and use everyone’s potential and time to the fullest.

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Always Connected

Thanks to the link between your computer and cDeck, you always know what goes on in the company and are in touch with your colleagues. You can easily assign tasks or check who is online.

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No More Call Links

Forget about frustrating call link searches and worries about joining the right meeting. The cDeck system automatically redirects you to the current meeting in session via Zoom.

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Tailored to Your Needs

Every company is unique. The cDeck system comprises a package of basic functions that can be supplemented and customised to your specific needs.


About Us


The idea of cDeck originated during the pandemic, when the home office regime was often the only way of keeping a company running safely. Today’s young work teams consider the method of remote work the norm. However, we also thought about work groups which do not have this practice so strongly embedded. That is how we came up with a way to bring the office to your desk, wherever you are. Without losing touch with company culture, without barriers, and without the need to interconnect work with personal electronics.

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